Safety Tips that Every Construction Worker Should Know

safety of construction workers

One of the most important yet most dangerous occupations in the world is being a construction worker. True enough, construction workers are responsible for today’s world of modern buildings and creative structures which we encounter in our everyday lives.

Life of a Construction Worker

Unfortunately, working at a construction site also means working at a danger zone. Many cases of minor and major accidents is nothing new to this industry. What’s worse is that some accidents are deemed preventable; a fall leading to a death could have been stopped if the work area was in a safer condition. This is mainly the reason why it is not just enough for construction workers to take the word of their employers; the workers, themselves, must also keep in mind and follow some safety precautions that will ensure their safety.

Safety Measures

  • Always thoroughly inspect your work area before working.

Regardless of which area you’re assigned to work in, you must ensure your own safety. For instance, if you are tasked to work on scaffolds, which are common in construction sites, you should consult your supervisor first. Ensure that the scaffold is competent, has a strong base and has been checked by a professional before setting your foot on it. You must not work on a scaffold that is incomplete and has not yet been a subject of safety check. Similarly, if you have been assigned to work with forklifts or cranes, you must also do a thorough inspection of these machines;

  • Always make sure you have protective gears on.

You never really know when accidents may strike you; that is why it is important to be prepared all the time. One way to do this is to always make sure you have a complete set of the necessary protective gears on; that may include a hard hat, safety glasses and face shield. Even your foot should not be left unsafe; wear the right boots to protect yourself. You can check out different construction boots for safety and comfortability from

  • Take extra precaution when dealing with electricity and equipment.

Dealing with electricity, in general, entails caution. So when you’re dealing with installations of electric equipment, make sure you have read and follow the proper guidelines and instructions. Watch out for wear and tears, ensure that metal casings and cable protections are intact and lastly, avoid contact with water.

safety in construction sites

  • Be extra careful with ladders and stairways.

Ladders and stairways are some of the major causes of injuries and death of construction workers. Make sure that the ladder is not wobbly and is secured before using it. Moreover, be careful of slips and trips especially when you’re near the stairways.

  • Know where the first aid kit is kept.

Since, it is difficult for construction workers to bring a first aid kit with them at all times; it’s enough to be informed where the medical kit is kept. Furthermore, it’s best for construction workers to know the basic first aid kit methods as well.

  • Understand hazard communication.

Many construction workers face burns and other injuries because they do not understand the hazard signs. Therefore, construction workers must spend some time to get to know the different signs that will guide you in your job. Your employer should have the right book and you should have access to it.

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