Tips in Hiring The Right Locksmith For Your Home

avoid locksmith scam

The safety of our home also means the safety of our family as well as our properties. This is the reason why worn-out locks and other security systems should never be taken lightly. It’s one thing to deal with the hassle that broken locks offer us but it’s another story when our locks are taken advantaged of and we face being broken in.

Today, even if if you think you’re in the safest neighborhood, it’s never wrong to be extra cautious If you’ve done your part in hiring a great general contractor for your home, you might as well go seek the services for the best locksmith as well. As much as possible, it’s best for us to do everything we can to prevent further damage than just our locks. Hence, hiring trustworthy and reliable locksmith companies, like,   is an important step to take.

Beware of Locksmith Scam

Over the past years, many homeowners have faced locksmith scams not only when it comes to being locked out of their homes but also from being locked out of their cars. Thousands and thousands have complained about being overcharged; from a $15 fee, it may reach up to as high as $500–clearly, this is definitely scam. What’s worse is that after you pay for their services, you find out that they might just made your problems worse.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder why people need to think twice before calling up the first locksmith contact number you see on google. To make sure you avoid scammers, you might want to do these tips first before deciding on which locksmith company to hire.

Hiring a Locksmith

  • Canvass for recommendations.

Most family members and friends will recommend you a locksmith company with which they have had first-hand experiences with; if not, they might have heard some good feedback about the company from others. So, it doesn’t really hurt to check out these recommended locksmiths.

  • Look them up online.

Google is free so take advantage of that. It’s the best mini-research you can do in order to know what their services are like. Check out their websites and see if there are any reviews from prior clients. Be mindful of the negative reviews.

  • Call the company.

Give the locksmith company a call. Most locksmith company scammers might not mention the specific name of their company (since they probably handle more than one “locksmith” company) and so you might want to look after general terms such as “locksmith services/company” in replacement for their actual company name.

call the locksmith company

  • Ask for an estimate.

Give them an overview of your lock problems and ask them for an estimate of their services. Ask about what constitutes additional costs as well. Also, ask the company if they’re affiliated with any insurance companies.

  • Check their credentials.

You may ask about their credentials over the phone or you may also do the checking once they’ve arrived in your area. Make sure the locksmith is able to provide their license. Furthermore, be wary of the locksmith’s attire; it should be a uniform and not just some muscle tee and shorts.


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